Biology 1090 - Human Biology

These are 3 different articles concerning different controversial issues: gene therapy, human evolution, and sexual education.

Below are links to each article and my responses to them. The articles are in the left column, and my responses are in the right column.

Gene Therapy article.webarchive Gene Therapy article.webarchive
Size : 1349.363 Kb
Type : webarchive
evolution article.pdf evolution article.pdf
Size : 737.567 Kb
Type : pdf
Sex ed article.webarchive Sex ed article.webarchive
Size : 848.792 Kb
Type : webarchive
Response to gene therapy.docx Response to gene therapy.docx
Size : 112.549 Kb
Type : docx
Response to evolution.docx Response to evolution.docx
Size : 122.859 Kb
Type : docx
Response to sex ed.docx Response to sex ed.docx
Size : 113.974 Kb
Type : docx

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